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Welcome everyone to my blog. Running a residential camp (Maine Arts Camp), as well as MySummers (a staffing site) and Camp Finders (a summer camp referral service), I have gained a unique perspective about sleepaway camps. I first attended camp in 1970 in Maine; I'm still at camp and love it!

Rick Mades

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dutch Auction - evening activities

Looking for a fun evening activity? Try a Dutch Auction. Campers bring a variety of objects with them by filling their pillowcase. The counselor/auctioneer will ask each group of campers (this can be done by bunk or floor) for a specific item. The more creative the campers get, the more points they can earn for their team. For example, if the item is supposed to be something old, campers could bring their counselor up as the item. An empty bottle could be a musical instrument, a Frisbee could be a circular hat, a postage stamp could be an American flag, a comb could be something sharp, a tennis racquet or a shoelace could be something stringy, etc. Encourage the campers to think creatively and out of the box. Working at a summer camp, counselors need to be creative and silly. Any time the campers and staff can do something light, yet work as a team, there is great room for fun and growth.

Rick Mades
owner of Camp Finders and MySummers
owner/director of Maine Arts Camp